Hey! What's in your Camera Bag?

I get this question a lot so I figured it was finally time for me to sit down and write a blog post about it!

I shoot pretty light in comparison to a lot of photographers I know; I take a storytelling approach to weddings and so I shoot with prime lenses, only. I find that having to physically move to compose my subjects encourages my frames to be more deliberate and intentional. I shoot most of the wedding portraits with my 50mm and the rest of the day with my 35mm (see specifics below.) I've found that shooting the in-between moments and the documentary portions of the day (the getting read, ceremony, and reception) with my 35 allows me to capture and tell more of a story. Instead of focusing in on one moment, up close, I catch the background motions + events, too, which gifts the viewer (and the couple!) more details of their wedding day. Of course, there's no one, right way to shoot a wedding; some of my favorite photographers shoot absolutely stunning weddings solely with zoom lenses. Like the old Canon versus Nikon debate, it's just a personal preference that works well for my particular approach. 


I shoot with two camera bodies simultaneously using my Money Maker from Holdfast. I love the invention of the Money Maker but I will say that when I'm wearing short sleeves and I have to bend down at all, sometimes the hook catches my arm and it's pretty painful. (If anyone has an alternate strap that doesn't do this or a way to fix the issue, I'd love to hear about it!) I shoot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark iv and the Mark iii. I shoot with these two bodies over other bodies like the 6D because these have the option to shoot to two cards at the same time; one SD and one CF. Cards fail ALL OF THE TIME! Knowing that I have a back up of all my images on both camera bodies let's me sleep at night.  


Like I mentioned above, I shoot with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens. I do get both lenses calibrated with my cameras bodies probably around twice/year. I also use the Hoya 72mm Macro Filter set for all of my ring and detail shots. We also love the Canon EF 70-200 for zoomed shots and the Canon TS-E45mm Tilt Shift lens for super fun, creative shots! 


I only shoot with my speedlites during the dancing portion of the reception; the rest of the day, including the getting ready portion, is all taken with natural light. When I'm using flash, I have the Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT on my Mark iv and the Canon Speedlite 430EX III Flash on my Mark iii. 


At every wedding, I carry at least 6 SD cards and 6 CF cards in a water resistant memory card case. When I've filled up an SD and a CF card, I always keep the SD card on me, in a zippered pocket, and the CF card in a case in my camera bag. I never leave both copies in the same place just in case my bag gets stolen or damaged. 

I always come prepared with 6 camera batteries charged and 2 chargers to charge the used batteries at the reception. I also charge 16 Eeneloop Rechargeable Batteries the night before and bring that charger, as well, to re-charge the used batteries at the reception. 

rain/weather gear

In case of rain or snow, I always bring a Ruggard Cold and Rain Protector to put over my camera and lenses. The camera body, your lens, and your arms slide right through and there's even a clear screen that allows you to see the back of your camera screen. I also always keep at least 5 clear umbrellas for my couples and their bridal party in case its drizzling and the couple wants to take their portraits outside! I also ALWAYS bring my North Face Thermoball Hoodie. It's light weight, it has a hood and it keeps me super warm during those fall and winter weddings/shoots. 


All of my equipment listed above fits in my Vinta.Co Travel + Camera Backpack. It's super compact and really comfortable. It has a removable pouch that's accessible from both the front of the bag and the larger zipper in the back. 

Still have questions about my gear? No problem! Shoot me an email!